School Runs

AK Cars School Run

We can provide a school runs service where your child can be picked up and dropped off to their school. Its a nightmare making sure everything is done in the morning before you leave the house and then when you leave you have to drive to your child’s school and wait for the gates to open don’t park on the zig zag and keep a lookout for Traffic wardens. But if you want to avoid this park you can employ someone else to do the School Runs for you, for regular bookings we will try our best to send the same driver so you and your children feel more at ease.

The benefits of booking with AK Cars are:

All our drivers undergo a CRB check when applying for their private hire licence.

We will try and sent you the same driver where we can so its more familiar and easier for your child.

We will try our best to provide a driver who speak a foreign language which may be easier.

Live tracking of the journey.

Booking by our App.

Booking online by our Website.

Book by email including weekly or monthly bookings.

Someone available to speak to on the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Discounts for regular school runs made on account.

If you want to set up a regular school runs service you can set up an account with us and enjoy the benefits of having an account such a weekly invoice and a password on your account.

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