Main Services Overview

  • AK Cars Airport Transfer
    Airport Transfer

    Our Airport Transfer service will get you to and from all the Major London Airports: At AK Cars we specialize in Airport transfer journeys which means we can assist in getting you to or from the Major London Airport of your choice to or from your house or hotel. All you need to do to book the vehicle, then relax, we'll take care of the rest. You don't need to worry about the cost of getting there as we regularly…

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  • AK Cars Door to Door Minicab
    Door to Door

    We go wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and always available at  the other end of the phone. We are typically less than 50% of the price of a black cab and sometimes even less. We pick you up on time outside your doorstep and drop you right outside your destination. Although we advise that you book your vehicle as soon as possible please see…

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  • AK Cars School Run
    School Runs

    We can provide a school runs service where your child can be picked up and dropped off to their school. Its a nightmare making sure everything is done in the morning before you leave the house and then when you leave you have to drive to your child's school and wait for the gates to open don't park on the zig zag and keep a lookout for Traffic wardens. But if you want to avoid this park you can employ…

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  • AK Cars Sightseeing

    With a wealth of history, culture and exciting attractions, London always has plenty to offer the visitor. There are great world famous sites which appeal to international as well as national visitors. If you are looking for a fun day out or a romantic break London is perfect. Sightseeing in London however is not always the easiest or cheapest experience! We offer attractive sightseeing driving tours to some of London's famous landmarks and with us you don’t need to worry…

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  • AK Cars London Shopping Trip
    London Shopping Trip

    Why not try us for your London shopping trip. Shopping can be an enjoyable or stressful experience having your own driver with you will make the experience more pleasant for you. Everybody likes a little retail therapy every now and again, and those who live in London are fortunate enough to be close to some of the world’s finest shopping areas. For many of us, there’s nothing quite as pleasurable as a trip to the bright lights of the West…

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  • Ak Cars Business Travel
    Business Travel

    The business world is a stressful one but with AK Cars your business travel will not need to be one of the things to worry about. A business has many things to consider on a daily basis and deadlines to reach, AK Cars can help by taking out any issues you may encounter in relation to business travel. We would advise whenever using a Cab service for your business needs to seek out a company which can give you the…

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  • AK Cars Courier Service

    We can provide a courier service whereby your package can be delivered to any part of the UK. The package will be tracked and delivered the same day to any part of London and within an agreed time nationally. The benefits of booking your delivery with AK Cars are: Usually cheaper than a specialist courier company Price based on Delivery address and not time so you will not be penalised for traffic or booking a delivery outside of usual business…

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  • AK Cars open 24 Hours
    24 Hour Minicabs

    London is one of the most popular cities to visit, be it for the fantastic landmarks, entertainment, shopping or rich history. And Londoners such as us will tell you it is the greatest city to live in on the Planet. There are far too many great things about London to list here but one of the main attractions in the fact that London is a truly 24/7 city. You can get most things 24 hours a day be it the…

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