How it works

AK Cars

AK Cars office is in Maida Vale, London and we are conveniently located to cover all surrounding areas with great speed and efficiency.

We always have at least two people in the office at all times 24 hours a day 7 days a week who will assist you whether it be by phone, email or our App. When you make your child car seat laws booking or enquire about a booking the details are entered into our computer system which will then calculate the route that needs to be taken and we will also enter other details of your journey such as the need for a larger vehicle, the addition of a baby seat and any extra stops on the way.

 We can give you an exact price as well as an accurate estimate of how long the journey will take.If the booking is accepted you will receive a text which contains details of your booking as well as a URL link to live track your vehicle.saloon When the time has come to dispatch your vehicle our automated system will calculate based on your pickup and each drivers GPS coordinates the closest relevant vehicle to your pickup point. For your safety all vehicles and drivers are vetted by Transport for London and checked by us every week, all vehicles also have a MOT every 6 months (legal requirements for normal vehicles in the UK is 12 months).

When your vehicle arrives at the pickup point for your safety we will send you a text confirming that they are outside with details of the Make, Color and registration number of the vehicle. When the driver is about to drop you off he will alert the office by the GPS device given to him and if your destination is nearer than you originally planned for the price will also be less.

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