Christmas Day Cab

AK Cars London Shopping Trip

Book a cab for Christmas Day and at AK Cars it will be the normal fare. This means that a cost of a cab to London Heathrow Airport from Paddington, Notting Hill or Maida Vale will be just £25 for a saloon car as usual.

If you want to pretend to be Santa you will need the following

  • A really big Belly
  • A really High BMI
  • To be partial to some mince pies
  • Lots and lots of toys for all age groups including middle aged men and women
  • A red suit with matching hat
  • A sled with a red nosed reindeer pulling it

Unfortunately we cannot strictly help with your weight, your tastebuds, clothing or sacks of toys but we can help you with transport. We cannot provide a four legged means of propulsion with a bright red nose and several other cute reindeer friends but we can get you to where you need to go in one of our licenced PCO cars at normal fares on Xmas Day which will free up money to buy more toys even adult toys. Come to think of it by taking a cab instead of walking it will definitely make you fatter and more Santa like so maybe take a cab everywhere?

Whether you feel like Santa or the Grinch we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope everyone one enjoys the festive period. We would also like remind everyone to please remember those less fortunate than them in the times of festivities.

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