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Don’t wait on hold anymore. Order for now or schedule a pick-up for later.
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Stay informed by following your Car on a map

You can be more productive and efficient without having to wait outside for your car to arrive.
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Leave that wallet in your pocket. Register your credit cards in our highly-secure environment.
  • Corporate Account

    Priority status given on all bookings, 14 day credit facility. Typically 50% cheaper than black cabs & 25% cheaper than Addison Lee. Better cars and better service.

  • Airport Transfers

    AK Cars provides a fast and reliable airport transfer service to and from all major London airports. If your flight is late, then we wait for you at no extra cost.

  • Our Services

    We offer a wide range of services Airport & Port Transfer, Rapid courier services, Sight seeing and full day hire. If you require any other services feel free to call.